MARS REWARDS Terms of Service

This document provides important information about the terms applicable to your MARS REWARDS program account. Please be sure to read carefully and retain for future reference. In this document, “you” and “your” mean each person who owns a MARS REWARDS account. “Our”, “us”, “we”, and “bank” mean Incommons Bank, N.A.

The MARS REWARDS program is made available to personal banking customers as a means of earning money by simply promoting the program to their friends and family who are not already customers of Incommons Bank. A MARS account holder (MAH) can earn money three ways in the MARS REWARDS program:

  • Interest paid on your MARS REWARDS checking account balance.
  • Debit card usage (DCU) rewards.
  • Bonuses paid for successful referrals.

How a Galaxy is Formed

As you refer friends that become MAHs, your community or Galaxy begins to grow. MAHs in a Galaxy are referred to as Stars. Your referrals become Stars in the 1st Dimension of your Galaxy. Referrals of friends by the 1st Dimension Stars result in a 2nd Dimension of Stars when these friends become participants in MARS REWARDS. And so on for a 3rd and 4th Dimension. The MARS REWARDS program limits each Galaxy to 4 Dimensions. There is no limit to the number of referrals you may make or the number of your Stars. Every MAH can have 4 Dimensions in their Galaxy no matter when they become a MARS REWARDS participant.

How Rewards are Earned

  • MAHs are rewarded on a monthly basis based on the number of DCU transactions that have posted to their account during the monthly statement cycle. DCU transactions may take one or more banking days from the date the transaction was made to post to an account.
  • The rewards amount is shown in Exhibit 1. The required number of DCUs to attain Rewards Status is shown in Exhibit 1.
  • A MAH may receive additional Rewards, called Dimension Rewards, based on the activity of Stars in their Galaxy. A MAH receives a Dimension Reward equal to the total Rewards received by all Stars in their Galaxy.
  • Dimension Rewards are not earned for any month during which Reward Status is not attained.
  • Dimension Rewards not earned during a month are forfeited.

How Bonuses are Earned

There are 3 types of Bonuses: Blast off, Referral and Dimension.

  • Blast Off Bonus: You qualify and earn the Blast Off Bonus the first time you reach Reward Status.
  • Referral Bonus: You qualify by referring a Star. You earn the Referral Bonus when Rewards Status is attained during or after the month you qualify for the bonus.
  • Dimension Bonus: You qualify when a Star is added to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Dimension of your Galaxy. You earn the Referral Bonus when Rewards Status is attained during or after the month you qualify for the bonus.

If Referral and/or Dimension Bonuses go unearned during a month, they are carried over until Reward Status is attained in a subsequent month. Blast Off, Referral and Dimension Bonus amounts are shown in Exhibit 2.


You must have an active MARS REWARDS bank account at this financial institution to receive payment. Earned Bonuses and Rewards are paid by the 2nd business day of the following month in which you attain Reward Status. Earned Rewards and Bonuses for a month will be reflected as a separate, single deposit to your MARS REWARDS bank account. Any DCU count error resulting in payments less than $1.00 will not be adjusted by Incommons Bank.

General Terms and Conditions

Participation in MARS REWARDS requires enrollment in digital banking. All terms and conditions of the digital banking service agreements apply to the MARS REWARDS program. We are not responsible for any failure of an electronic device used to participate in the MARS REWARDS program. You must be 18 years of age or older to open a MARS REWARDS bank account and participate in the MARS REWARDS program. You must be a resident of Texas to open a MARS REWARDS bank account and participate in the MARS REWARDS program. You may be the primary owner of only one MARS REWARDS bank account. The primary social security number associated with a MARS REWARDS bank account determines the MAH. A MAH may be a party to another MARS REWARDS bank account in any capacity other than as a MAH. If we are investigating your account for an anomaly, we may withhold bonus and reward payments until the issue is resolved. Bonuses and rewards will not be paid if you act outside of the MARS REWARDS Terms of Service. You are responsible for any federal, state or local taxes due on Bonuses and Rewards. We will report Bonuses and Rewards as income to the tax authorities if required by applicable law. Consult your tax advisor.

Participation Termination

If your MARS REWARDS program participation is terminated (whether by action of the bank or you) before the payment date, your account will not be credited with any qualified for, earned or otherwise accrued Bonuses or Rewards. When you leave the MARS REWARDS program, you forfeit your Galaxy. If at a later time you wish to re-enter the program, you may enter the program as a new referral from another MAH.

Change or Cancellation

The MARS REWARDS program may be cancelled at any time. Rules may be changed at our sole discretion. If there is a program change, existing MAHs, on a prospective basis, and those becoming MAHs after the system change will be treated alike. Earned Bonuses and Rewards will be paid at the rates in effect at the time they were earned. A rule change may create some inconsistencies during the month of change or in the month following a change. These inconsistencies will be resolved at our sole discretion.

Information Privacy

When a MAH refers you and you open an account, we will not tell the MAH that you opened an account or provide the MAH with any of your personal information. However, it is possible they will know you opened an account when they receive their bonus if you are the only person they referred. If you are their only star, they could know your DCU count each month. Also, when you refer friends, they will know that you have an account with the bank.


MAHs agree that we shall not be held liable to them for any act done or step taken or omitted by any consumer they refer or by us except in the case of our gross negligence. MAHs agree to hold us harmless against any and all claims, controversies, losses, liabilities, suits, judgments, costs, expenses, including attorney’s fees, at any time incurred in defending against any claim or controversy asserted by any third party relating to the MARS REWARDS program provided, that any such claims, controversies, losses, liabilities, suits, judgments, costs and expenses were not the result of our gross negligence.


All disputes which cannot be resolved between the parties shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively through arbitration in accordance with the American Arbitration Association consumer rules. Such arbitration shall take place in a county where we have a physical location.


Reward and Bonus results may vary, depending on the activity of the MAH’s Galaxy. Program rules may be changed by us from time to time upon proper notice. We make no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, with respect to participation in MARS REWARDS. We disclaim any and all implied warranties of the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


MAH = MARS account holder
Star = an individual MAH in a Dimension
Dimension = A level
Galaxy = MAH + Stars in Dimension 1 through 4
DCU = Debit Card Usage (Anytime your debit card is used to make a purchase including but not limited to a dip, swipe, tap or online purchase.)
Rewards = payout from DCUs
Bonuses = payout from referrals
Rewards Status = MAH payout status after surpassing the 24th DCU threshold.

Exhibit 1

DCUs Made by Rewards Payout to MAH
Pre-Rewards Status (0 - 24 DCU) Rewards Status (25 DCU - Infinite DCU)
Dimension 0 - Rewards (MAH) $0/DCU $.010/DCU
Dimension 1 - Dimension Rewards $0/DCU $.010/DCU
Dimension 2 - Dimension Rewards $0/DCU $.010/DCU
Dimension 3 - Dimension Rewards $0/DCU $.010/DCU
Dimension 4 - Dimension Rewards $0/DCU $.010/DCU

Exhibit 2

Types of Bonuses Bonuses Payout to MAH
Dimension 0 (MAH)- Blast Off Bonus $40 One Time Bonus
Dimension 1 - Referral Bonus $40/Star
Dimension 2- Dimension Bonus $10/Star
Dimension 3- Dimension Bonus $5/Star
Dimension 4- Dimension Bonus $1/Star