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Earn Bonuses

As your invited friends participate and become your Stars, you earn Bonuses. You also earn Bonuses when your friend’s friends and their friends (and their friends!) participate.

Earn Rewards

We pay you to do life. Use your debit card and get rewarded for everyday purchases. We even reward you when your friends use their debit card.

Big Galaxy = Big $'s

Your community of Stars is your Galaxy. Like the Stars in the sky, the more the better. Join now to become the first star in your Galaxy.

Your Galaxy's Potential

How much can you make in Rewards and Bonuses?

Estimate your earnings by using the slider below to see the impact of referring Stars into the 1st Dimension of your Galaxy.


in your 1st Dimension

your monthly Rewards*
your total Bonuses*

*Calculations assume a complete Galaxy. See Galaxy for details.

See Galaxy

What is a Complete Galaxy?

A Complete Galaxy means everyone down to your 4th Dimension has the same number of Stars (i.e. referrals). This chart is an example of a 6-Star Galaxy. All YOU need to do is refer 6 people, and we'll assume those same people referred 6 people each and so on. Even if everyone referred just one Star per month, in as soon as 24 months you could have 1,555 Stars in your Galaxy!

In this example, we are assuming each Star will earn Rewards for 10 DCUs per month, and each DCU gets you $0.01. Multiply that with your total number of Stars and you get your monthly Rewards amount of $155.50

What does this mean? It means you can easily shoot for a large Galaxy and get great Earnings! Visit the MARS Terms of Service page for more information.

Smarter than yourAverage Rewards Checking

MARS REWARDS goes beyond any other debit card Rewards program. Earn Bonuses and Rewards from your whole Galaxy giving you exponential potential!

Open a Free MARS REWARDSChecking Account

This exclusive account allows you the opportunity to take advantage of the MARS REWARDS program to receive exponential Bonuses and Rewards. Plus interest.Open your MARS REWARDS account today!

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